Game Changer #1 Immortality

Serving as a pastor has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to relationships.  I remember walking into a house one time to perform a wedding. Everyone was chatting and having a merry old time, but when they saw me (a person in a suit = PREACHER) everybody stopped talking immediately…I guess to put on their “church faces?”   I don’t always get the “real person” when I am hanging out socially.  People tend to move their beer from the side I am standing on to the other side of their body to shield the blinding can from my virgin eyes.  They slip up and say one of those unsavory words–you know the ones that get “beeped” on network television–and then pick me out of the crowd to apologize.img_0814

It’s a disadvantage for me personally when people hide things and pretend around me. But when they are struggling–really struggling–I have the advantage of being the one that they come to. They tell me things that they may not tell the person who sees them drink a beer.  I hear how people wrestle in the depth of their minds.  I hear how they lose their joy, even if they are Christians.  They ask hard questions. And over the years I have given some of the same answers time and again which I would like to share with you here.

For these Christians who are dealing with fear, anger, confusion, or sadness, I have come up with a list of four truths that (in my experience) are game changers.  Receiving these wonderful truths gives us peace. These truths can completely disarm the enemy of our soul who likes to attack in these areas.  Notice I didn’t say believing, because I think most Christians have been taught these at some point. So the knowledge is floating around in the brain somewhere.  Receiving is taking that knowledge and trusting it, relying on it, embracing it, and making it a part of your DNA.  Take these attacks off the table, and allow the security of being a child of God lift you to new heights!

Let’s take these Game Changers one at a time:

Realize your Immortality

Okay Christian, did you realize you have a superpower?  You certainly do! It is called immortality; you cannot die.  Another way of putting this is to see beyond the physical.  Sure, your body ages, your flesh is frail, it does not last forever. But you do.  Your soul (thoughts, emotions)–the person nobody can see–that lives on.  As a matter of fact, the moment you accepted Jesus Christ into your life, you became immortal, not the shell you are currently residing in, but you!  Look how it is put in that most famous of Bible verses:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  (John 3:16 NIV)

Did you get that?  Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will HAVE eternal life.  Not might get; not will receive after they die; but HAVE.  Have you received this truth?  Is it real every day…. every moment to you?  Do you trust it?  It’s normal to be a bit nervous about the process of leaving this earth, but it doesn’t make sense to fear death if you have eternal life.  Realize your immortality, you child of God!cross_sky

Realizing that there is something beyond what we can see, that there is not only the physical universe, but also a spiritual realm that is very real, reduces things like fear, anxiety, and hurt in some of life’s most unsettling situations, and replaces it with peace, joy, and contentment.

Have you ever experienced peace, joy, or contentment that defied understanding based on the realization of your own immortality in Christ?  Do tell!  If you aren’t sure whether you have eternal life as a child of God, I’d love to share with you how to take that step and get that secure foundation in your life.  Leave a comment or send me a private message.

In my next post I’ll share another game-changing truth that brings peace in the midst of turmoil.


3 thoughts on “Game Changer #1 Immortality

    1. I remember crying when I was a child. Adult church scared me. I cried because I was afraid my parents were going to hell. Not that they were bad people; I was afraid they hadn’t accepted Christ and our family didn’t attend church very often. I attended Sunday School with friends and met them on the church bus that picked us up in front of our houses. I guess the subject was too big for me then or else it was presented in a scary way


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