Stand Down Christian Soldier and Happy Holidays

Muster up Christian Soldiers; it’s that time of year again.  It’s the time of year when we are thrust into the “War on Christmas!”  Those enemy combatants and their “happy holiday” responses after we have Happy-Winter-Holidays-free-greeting-card[1]purchased a video game…. how dare they?  Are you cowboy’d up?  Are you loaded for bear?  Are you armed with “thank you AND MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!” or “Don’t take the Christ out of Christmas!”?  We have been engaging in this tactic for years now, and I still get “Happy Holiday” cards!  Perhaps it is time we change tactics in this war of words?

Happy Holy Day?

Before I arm you with this new tactic, let me share some intel that has been uncovered.  First, The word “holiday” of the infamous “happy holidays” phrase is an old English word that was derived from the words: holy and day.  Most of us understand the word “day” so let’s move to “holy.”  The word holy actually means “set apart.”  When you hear that “God is holy” that means He is “set apart” from sin.  Moreover, if you go to the search engine on your favorite Bible app, and search for the phrasee “holy day” in your Bible – it will uncover numerous passages where the words “holy and day” are used.  For example, after God created the physical universe, he blessed the seventh “day” and made it “holy.”  It was a “holiday” or “holy day.”  This day was a special day set apart from the rest; it was holy.  Throughout the Old Testament and under God’s law we see prophets of God and priests declaring certain days to be “holy days.”  God even declared certain times of year to be “set apart” for festivals, celebrations and times of worship for God’s people.  And interestingly enough these events pointed forward like a gigantic flashing road sign – strait to Jesus Christ whose birth we celebrate on the “holy day” we now call Christmas.  These holidays were signaling that something much, much better was coming!  Oh and one more piece of intel for your ears only soldier.  The word “Christmas” is not found in the Bible.

What matters this Christmas?

The bottom line is this, stand down Christian soldier.  The employee at your favorite home improvement store who says “happy holidays” as he holds out your receipt (knowingly or not) is speaking a Merry-Christmas-Religious-Images-13[1]more biblical phrase than the sweet well intentioned brother or sister at your Christian bookstore who rings you up and proclaims, “merry Christmas.”  Now, I’m not trying to start a civil war within our ranks.  I am simply suggesting a new tactic; when your friendly cashier is kind enough to say, “happy holidays” to you; simply respond “AMEN!”  Unless, of course, you have used these times of “merry Christmas correcting” to lead people to our Lord and Savior – the One whom the Old Testament festivals AND Christmas are all about.   In that case carry on soldier!  Otherwise know that we could win every single battle, forcing people to respectfully acknowledge us with “merry Christmas,” but lose the bigger fight which is to expand the Kingdom of God.  Remember soldier it is not our job to correct the conduct of the lost, but to introduce them to Jesus.  If we get every single lost person to submit to “merry Christmas” and not submit to Jesus Christ, then we have not won anything. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Christmas is a holiday / holy day.  A day we have set apart to be a special day of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior!  A day unlike any other that has the world – for one short season every year – proclaiming to each other “happy holy day” and “merry Christmas.”  Enjoy it but also engage in the bigger battle of expanding the territory where God rules in people’s hearts and minds.  Stand down, have some eggnog, enjoy family and friends, and thank our heavenly Father for sending His Son!




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