Are Your Birthdays Happy?

Yesterday was my birthday = 53 years and one day in this world.  Fifty-three is not earth shattering.  Now when you enter into one of those “zero years,” that can hit hard!  30, 40, 50…. you get the idea.  When I turned 50…. now that was momentous!  Around the time of my 50th birthday I was lying down in a cabin on a relative’s property in Big Springs, TX trying to take a mid-day nap.  While lying there it really hit me that I was in the  half-century club.  Things occurred to me like – I could retire and start getting social Young and Old 2security in 12 years…. WOW!  Also I recognized that the window had closed on some other things (vertical jump over 12 inches / 40 yard dash under 10 seconds) to name a couple.  I understand we don’t know how long we have in this life.  I just visited my grandmother and she is 105 years old as I type these words.  But at 50+ – I can see that space between the bottom of the window and the sill getting small in many areas…. saving for retirement for example.  So I was lying there – not really having a pity party but grasping the realities of being 50.  I’ll get back to Big Springs, TX in a minute.  First I have a message for those in the 49 and younger club and then one for those over 50.

To the Youngsters under 50

YoungIs there a problem with realizing the brevity of this life?  Not at all – as a matter of fact you should do this very thing.  Life is very short!  I don’t need to tell this to the 50+ crowd because we already know it.  You’ve probably heard older people say “life is short” your entire life – and it’s true!  I’ll bet my grandmother would say “life is short” at 105.  We should be aware of life’s brevity – I know this because God points it out in Scripture:

What is your life?  You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. (James 4:14b NIV)

Lord, what are human beings that you care for them,  mere mortals that you think of them?  They are like a breath;  their days are like a fleeting shadow. (Psalm 144:3-4)

Maybe we are to be keenly aware that this life passes by very quickly – so that we won’t put things off that really matter as if we have all the time in the world?  There are no guarantees regarding how long we have – but be that as it may, life is short!  So don’t put off the important stuff:

  • Time with family
  • Reconnecting with friends
  • Reconciliation with those we have offended
  • Forgiving those who have offended us
  • Learning Scripture
  • Gathering with other believers
  • Ministering
  • Receiving from God
  • Share the good news with those who need it
  • Loving
  • And certainly receiving the forgiveness and Lordship that Jesus offers – if you have been putting this off

As a pastor I have visited several people during their final moments in this life.  I have yet to hear one say, “I wish I would have watched more YouTube.”  Or “If I only would have spent more time on social media.”  Or, “Why did I not dedicate more time perfecting my gaming skills?”  These things aren’t necessarily bad, but don’t neglect the important stuff thinking you have plenty of time.

To the …. 50+ People

Back to Big Springs, TX.  As I was laying there contemplating the brevity of this life – I began to sense the presence of the Lord telling me to go outside.   This became so clear and overwhelming that I did the smart thing (in this case) and went outside.  I thought I was going outside to pray or meditate so I stumbled out to the porch and sat down.  I was a bit tired / sleepy so I sat there preparing for what the Lord had in store – when I noticed Oldthat I was sitting very near one of those gigantic power generating windmills that you see along the highways in West Texas.  As I watched the large arms of the windmill swing around over and over again I knew this represented time and the Lord was speaking to me.  Time keeps on moving steadily and surely, never stopping just like this windmill in my presence.  Then I looked beyond that windmill and there were windmills spinning as far as my eyes could see.  I knew that these represented eternity – never ending time.  For those in Christ there is no shortage of time – we have eternal life right now…. we HAVE immortality!   Leaving this earth is a doorway to being in the very presence of our wonderful and loving Lord.  Death has lost it’s sting!  God was showing me that there is no real shortage of time, I am immortal.  Maybe He is trying to communicate this to you as well?

In Conclusion

Life on this earth is very brief / and eternal life is timeless.  We can benefit from both of these truths.

3 thoughts on “Are Your Birthdays Happy?

  1. As a 70+, I’ve silently giggled several times since you turned 50…don’t remember you mentioning age prior to that. Praying God blesses you in a mighty way this 53rd year of your life here on earth. Happy Belated!

    Liked by 1 person

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