Is All Life Worth Living?

There are many strategies employed by people who stand for life.  Strategies that are designed to change hearts, minds and opinions.  One of these is to highlight extraordinary lives of people with conditions that, if diagnosed before birth, would put them at high risk to be aborted.  A recent example is a video Ashton Kutcher posted on Facebook.  Whether or not… Continue reading Is All Life Worth Living?

Does Divorce Mean Disqualified?

Does divorce mean disqualified?  I know of and have attended churches where that question is answered with a resounding “yes.”  It is certainly a “yes” if the question is about being called as a pastor, a deacon or even teaching Sunday school.  A friend of mine completed all of his coursework for a Master of Divinity degree with the exception… Continue reading Does Divorce Mean Disqualified?

Stand Down Christian Soldier and Happy Holidays

Muster up Christian Soldiers; it’s that time of year again.  It’s the time of year when we are thrust into the “War on Christmas!”  Those enemy combatants and their “happy holiday” responses after we have purchased a video game…. how dare they?  Are you cowboy’d up?  Are you loaded for bear?  Are you armed with “thank you AND MERRY… Continue reading Stand Down Christian Soldier and Happy Holidays

Have You Committed the Unforgiveable Sin?

Since my last two blog entries have covered:  Quenching the Holy Spirit and Grieving the Holy Spirit, we might as well complete the trifecta of “Holy Spirit don’ts” and look at Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  My experience is that many people worry about committing  the “unforgiveable sin.”  Many Christians fear that they just might have committed this sin and forfeited their salvation. … Continue reading Have You Committed the Unforgiveable Sin?